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Moiz Enterprise is a multi-project management (MPM) company where a team of experts are working on multiple projects simultaneously.

We are highly skilled in expert task prioritization and giving our clients an exceptional business experience that lasts a lifetime. An information technology company involved in systems integrations, I.T consulting, outsourcing, and skill development courses development.

In keeping with the spirit of the IT age, management at Moiz Enterprise has launched and managed a diversified suite of business units stemming from digital services online and proudly serve over a thousand customers across the world.


Our vision is to continuously work towards acquiring, managing & building market-leading IT services


Our mission is to develop a portfolio of growing market software companies that possess the qualities necessary to make us leaders in the online business industry.

Our Team

Robert Schweigert


Christopher Leavitt

Account Manager

Vicky Frierson

Creative Director

Frederick Wong

SEO Team Lead

Emily Prentice

Head Developer

Marilyn Kurtz

Account Manager

Leona Jones

Social Media Lead


Moiz Enterprise operates internationally, offering its market-leading software and services to a number of industries that function in both the public and the private sectors. Our intriguing services and products are what we hold pride in;

Software development and integration

LMS/CMS development, management and integration.

IT project management and consultation

Investment/Portfolio management and consultation