Our Services

Moiz Enterprise is here to help businesses throughout the world grow. Over the time, we have developed individual solutions for large, medium and small businesses to help them in catering the problems faced by them. We aim to provide customized solutions tom suit the requirements of our clients. This supports our vision of building the market-leading IT services.

We have developed solutions for a number of industries like,


Software development and integration

We envision, build, implement, scale and update your software and applications with in-depth research on the requirements raised by the clients. Moiz Enterprise has been harnessing digital technologies for over a decade, providing software related solutions to over 1000 businesses from startups to large enterprises all around the world across a variety of industries. We build high quality software solutions and products along with professional support for implementation and maintenance. We pride our expertise in,

  • Software Consulting
  • Custom Software Development
  • Software Product Development
  • End-to-end Application
  • Enterprise Software Development

LMS/CMS development, management and integration

Working in the software development arena for over a decade,, we have developed our own Learning Management System (LMS) and Content Management Systems (CMS) through which we have been helping a number of institutions cater their eLearning students and expand their educational services beyond borders. The interactive nature of our state-of-the-art LMS and CMS make trainings and educational sessions easy and enjoyable for the teachers and the students alike. This increases efficiency in lecture delivery and effective management of sessions. Our solutions cover,

  • Consultation Covering Requirements Including Tech
  • Custom Learning Design Based on Requirements
  • Freedom of Using Own Themes, Reflecting the Institution
  • Complete Training to the Stakeholders

Cloud-Based services

Moiz Enterprise pride in the premium quality cloud-based services that we provide. We provide on-demand delivery of IT sources for a large customer-base over the internet with completely customized pricing to suit the needs of our clients. Our clients are able to pay for the tech that they actually utilize instead of investing in large setups of which they end up using a marginal resources. Technology resources that our clients are able to access using our cloud-based services are,

  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)
  • Platform as a Service (PaaS)
  • Software as a Service (SaaS)

IT project management and consultation

The IT Project Management and Consultation services provided by the experts of Moiz Enterprise covers all the expertise, oversight and continuous guidance of the organizations to ensure the success of their IT implementation. With over two decades of services in the IT Project Management and Consultation services, Moiz Enterprise have successfully implemented and provided consultation to over 10k clients from different sectors. Based on the decades of experience, our product, implementation and industry knowledge is incomparable from the competition. Our offerings include,

  • IT Program Management
  • IT Project Management

Cyber Security and Infrastructure Services

Moiz Enterprise offers Cyber Security and Infrastructure Services via our specialized Cyber Security unit to our clients around the globe. The aim of the Cyber Security unit of Moiz Enterprise is to help our clients meet the challenges that they face regarding cyber security and offer them consultation, monitoring security and share our expertise of cyber security. In essence, Moiz Enterprise developed the Cyber Security Unit to protect the valuable digital assets of our clients and help them with actionable business intelligence for success. A few areas where we are expert are,

  • Consultation
  • Penetration Testing Services
  • 24x7x365 Cyber Security Monitoring
  • Multi-DRM
  • Embedded DRM
  • VCAS

Online Learning and Courses Content Distributor

The delivery and distribution of eLearning content plays an important role in scaling a business. The selection from the format of content delivery (like PDFs, live classes, videos, pictures, etc.) to choosing a suitable platform that supports the selected format of content delivery. Moiz Enterprise have established a unit for Online Learning and Course Content Distribution. The services offered for online learning and course content distributors by Moiz Enterprise are,

  • Multi-Tenant Platform
  • Custom Portal
  • Interoperable Delivery

Research, Development and Publications

MOIZ Enterprise is proud of its research and development wing, comprising of industry veterans from all walks of life, we are the pioneers of innovation in the field of academic, scientific and social research. Along with research and advance science studies, MOIZ offers conventional and enhanced digital publications services that hold no parallel.
Our broad spectrum of research publication services are not limited to:

  • Research writing, editing and publication
  • Scientific, medical and social research articulation
  • Journal publications and consultation
  • Research publication, editing and professional advice
  • Research project management and consultation